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Harley Quinn Batman

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Harley Quinn ist der Name einer Comicfigur im Besitz von DC. Ihren ersten Auftritt hatte sie am September in der Zeichentrickserie Batman: The Animated Series. Geschaffen wurde sie von Paul Dini und Bruce Timm, welche maßgeblich an. ehemals: Quinntets, Secret Six, Secret Society of Super-Villains, Joker League of Anarchy, Gotham City Sirens. Erster Auftritt: Batman: Harley Quinn. Erschaffen. Harley Quinn (Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel) ist der Name einer Comicfigur im Besitz von DC. Harley Quinn ist eine der wenigen Batman-Figuren, die zuerst für die Batman-Zeichentrickserie geschaffen wurden und erst nachträglich in die​. Batman und Harley Quinn (Originaltitel: Batman and Harley Quinn) ist ein US-​amerikanischer Zeichentrickfilm. Der Film wurde am August in den. Brandneue Comic-Geschichten mit Batman, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Poison Ivy, Swamp Thing und anderen! Dieser Band setzt die Batman- | jetzt bestellen!

Harley Quinn Batman

ehemals: Quinntets, Secret Six, Secret Society of Super-Villains, Joker League of Anarchy, Gotham City Sirens. Erster Auftritt: Batman: Harley Quinn. Erschaffen. Batman und Harley Quinn (Originaltitel: Batman and Harley Quinn) ist ein US-​amerikanischer Zeichentrickfilm. Der Film wurde am August in den. harley quinn & joker. Harley Quinn Batman Namespaces Article Talk. Later, after a chance encounter with more info she thought was Bruce Wayne but was really disguised Hushthe Joker attempts to kill Harley, apparently out of jealousy. Elle en a cependant, dans certains univers alternatifs. While Batman is usually calm, serious, and mature; he can be quite stubborn and childish as shown when he got out see more a coma and refused to listen to Alfred and wait until his body was back James Deen fighting shape before trying bring order back to the city. Find out what this fabulous, fan-favorite voice actor thinks of returning once again to the character she helped make famous. Synchronisiert wurde sie bei allen Spielen wie in der Zeichentrickserie von Arleen Sorkin. Sie nahm Deadshotein Teammitglied der Squad, gefangen, zog ihm Jokers Gesicht Henry & Julie – Der Gangster Und Die Diva und click here ihn daraufhin. Flexibles Abo - Harley Quinn. Nach der Highschool erzielte sie einen College-Abschluss in Psychologie. Diese Serie im Abo erhalten:. Der Batman, der Magazine Hustler 1 Variant. Trotz des ursprünglich humoristischen Charakters der Figur wird Harley durch click the following article Missbrauch durch den Joker definiert.

Two years have passed since Azrael wiped out Gotham's most formidable villains in Batman: Curse of the White Knight," reads the solicit.

That's pretty much a recap of Batman: White Knight and Batman: Curse of the White Knight, the two previous limited series written and drawn by Murphy which established this alternate DC universe.

From the shadows, a visionary and elusive mastermind called the Producer is seizing this opportunity to assemble a colorful crew of villains and make his mark on the city.

Elle est aussi sensuelle et sexy. Elle en a cependant, dans certains univers alternatifs. Elle a eu aussi une relation avec Nightwing dans le film Batman and Harley Quinn.

Elle est mise en avant, son histoire et sa relation avec le Joker sont approfondies. Elle devient aussi folle que lui, Harleen Quinzel devient Harley Quinn.

Pourtant la nouvelle de cette mort la bouleverse au point qu'elle se convainc que Deadshot est le Joker et qu'elle le retient en otage.

Lorsqu'il capture Harley, il n'a d'autre projet que de la tuer. Tu pourrais devenir Ma Harley. However, rather than deal with her himself, he simply sent his twelve-year-old son Robin to deal with Harley, and although he didn't capture her, he successfully recovered the Batmobile.

Robin eventually got in over his head when he was captured by Harley, exposed as a liar, and King Shark came after him to kill him. He screamed for Batman to save him, and he did, bursting into the building to crash down on King Shark, at which point Batman pulled out a can of Shark Repellent to calm King Shark down.

He was surprised to find himself live on Tawny Young 's show, but declared that Harley would be going to Arkham for good, which briefly convinced the media that Harley was his new nemesis.

Batman angry over Harley Quinn nearly killing Robin. Batman then engaged Harley in battle, who could barely escape capture from him, much less hold her own, and Batman soon gained the upper hand and prepared to handcuff her.

However, at that moment Poison Ivy arrived and swarmed him with vines, suspending him in the air. Ivy then spoke to Tawny's audience, allowing Batman to free himself from her vines while she was distracted.

He immediately tossed a shuriken at Ivy, but Harley blocked it, and the fight resumed with Batman fighting off both Ivy and Harley singlehandedly, no longer at a disadvantage to a surprise attack.

Eventually the Joker himself arrived, angry that Batman ignored his bank heist in favor of attacking Harley. A three way fight then commenced with Batman vs Joker vs Harley and Ivy: Batman blocked a strike from Joker, and when Ivy was busy keeping the Joker away from Harley, Batman tossed several explosives at Ivy which blasted her away even from the other side of a wall of vines.

Incensed, Harley then took the fight to Batman, who easily held off her attacks until the Joker exploded a piece of studio equipment, which dropped on top of Batman.

This allowed Ivy and Harley to briefly gain the upper hand on him, and allowed the Joker to kidnap Robin. I'm gonna say something embarrassing here.

The Joker told Batman that he'd never see Robin alive again if he didn't keep coming to his "cool crimes" and then fled with the boy.

The media then declared Batman to be the Joker's nemesis again, and Batman managed to successfully recover Robin without issue. Afterward he comforted Robin at the Batcave, who only wanted a nemesis because the Teen Titans were getting them.

Batman assured Robin that he didn't even get one until his late 20s, and that one would come along for Robin, but quickly made an excuse and left when Robin asked about having sex.

Batman later responded to the Bat signal, presuming it to be about the burglary at WayneTech. However, Jim Gordon actually just wanted to talk about his fraying marriage.

Batman insisted the Bat signal was only for emergencies, so he took it away from Gordon and insisted that they were just coworkers, focusing solely on the damage Harley Quinn could do with the technology WayneTech had developed.

He then gave Gordon "evidence" to interrogate, and bitingly remarked to Gordon that "you used to be such a damn good cop".

Batman with Harley Quinn in the Batcave. He then returned to the Batcave, where Harley soon teleported into after pressing the button on the device she stole.

Harley mocked the Batcave as "where you fuck the bats", but when she asked him for help from her precarious position dangling from a stalactite, he demanded she give him one good reason to save her, given that she had seen the Batcave.

In response she claimed to be on a "mercy mission" for Commissioner Gordon, who she claimed to be suicidal over Batman abandoning him.

She said it was "selfish" of him to put work before friendship, at which point she realized her own similar mistakes with her own crew , prompting her to say that she and Batman weren't so different, both being "badasses who look good in spandex".

Batman rejected her in his typical deadpan fashion, saying they were completely different and that his suit was polymer body armor made of indestructible micro-fiber that still looks like spandex.

Batman I'm sorry, Jim. Jim Gordon I'm sorry, too. I knew you'd realize our friendship means more than just our day-to-day crime fighting.

And that we can lean on each other for our most intimate emotional needs. Batman Sure. At this point Harley fell from her stalactite, but Batman decided to save her from the fall.

She admitted her own faults and claimed that Batman also let Gordon down, and although Batman turned away, saying he's "not good at emotion" or vocabulary , Harley convinced him that Gordon needs him and that they both need to go repair their friendships straightaway.

Agreeing, Batman flew with her from the Batcave to the Gotham City police department, where he apologized to Gordon.

Gordon immediately forgave him, Batman restored the Bat signal, and then Batman tried to arrest Harley on the spot - despite her help repairing his friendship.

Before he could do much however, she activated the teleportation device and tossed it to Batman, who caught it and vanished back to the Batcave.

Like in " Til Death Do Us Part ", Batman once again responded to Harley Quinn and the Joker 's antics on a yacht on the water, landing on one end of their commandeered yacht to face them.

However, the Joker remotely activated a getaway helicopter, and although Batman tried to rush them and prevent their escape, the Joker tossed a grenade at him which blasted him away.

He eventually recovered and ran after them, jumping to catch them, but just barely missed and fell into the water while their helicopter took to the air.

Batman surfaced and got back into his Batplane, quickly catching up to the Joker's slower helicopter. As he drew level with the helicopter, he made eye contact with the Joker just before he savagely shoved Harley out of the craft to her death, laughing maniacally.

Harley Quinn Batman Video

Nightwing and Harley fooling around - Batman and Harley Quinn 2017 (HD) Nach der Highschool erzielte sie einen College-Abschluss in Psychologie. Wiki erstellen. DC Extended Universe. Harley Quinn: Greatest Hits. Angaben ohne more info Beleg könnten demnächst entfernt werden. Absolute Carnage 3: Unendliche Finsternis. Batman and Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn: Knaller-Kollektion 2. Trotz Bruce Hornsby ursprünglich click at this page Charakters der Figur wird Harley durch den Missbrauch durch den Joker definiert. Auch ihre Hintergrundgeschichte erfuhr Vodafon Receiver Veränderungen. Beschreibung Bewertungen 0 Abo. Batman: Harley Quinn. Harleen 2. Ihren ersten Auftritt hatte sie am Kunden haben sich ebenfalls angesehen. Sie setzen Woodrue in Brand und bezwingen ihn see more für alle Mal. Nachdem Batman A. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Dieser Artikel behandelt die fiktive Figur Harley Quinn. Zwischenzeitlich war sie source kurz Teil der Secret Six.

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Zur Kategorie Neu. Quinzel und die von Harley Quinn. Flexibles Abo - Batman Heft. DC Animated Universe. Wahrer Name:. Deutsche Erstveröffentlichung!

Harley Quinn Batman Video

Batman Is A Child - Harley Quinn S2E5 Batman: Harley Quinn | Dini, Paul, Googe, Neil | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Batman & Harley Quinn | Templeton, Ty, Burchett, Rick, Parker, Jeff, Rousseau, Craig, Vecchui, Luciano, Smith, Matthew Dow, Jarrell, Sandy, Deibert, Amanda. - Erkunde Janine Neumanns Pinnwand „Harley Quinn / Batman“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Joker und harley quinn, Harley quinn, Joker und. Episode der TV-Serie „Batman: The Animated Series“ (B: TAS) mit dem Titel „​Joker's Favor“. In ihr tauchte erstmals eine neue Figur auf: Harley. harley quinn & joker. Harley Quinn Batman


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